Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hard to believe that August is here. Where has the time gone?
The beginning of August always starts with Soccer tryouts. Ugh.... my least favorite time.
I have watch over the last few years my daughter try her guts out for school soccer teams only to be disappointed and not make the team.
Last year, bless her heart we moved back to Brigham City. Her love of soccer and her determination drove her to try out for the Box Elder team. She didn't know a soul but she did it anyway. To find out that she didn't make the team and a your good but this is what you need to work on.
So with the disaapointment she started her sophmore year at Box Elder High...\
Which turned out to be an awesome year for her. She made new friends, which they are all great girls and they all play soccer. So she ended up playing fall session with them. Indoor and spring outdoor.
She poored her heart into conditioning this year and worked really hard.
And the end results......SHE MADE THE TEAM..........
It just shows the drive one person has to do what they dream.... She is such an inspiration and has such a great spirt. I could not be prouder as a mom to have Chelsea has my daughter.

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